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Who we are

We are Government Approved more specifically income tax department approved Property Valuer and Gold Valuer in Patna, Bihar and Ranchi, Jharkhand with 15+ years experience in valuation of Property and Gold for Capital Gains, Wealth Tax, Fair Market Value etc.As, Residential Property Valuer in Patna, Commercial Property Valuer in Patna, Land and Mortgage Valuer, Gold Valuer for Tax in patna for number of reasons for our clients like Stamping, VISA, Guarantee, Surety, Loan-purpose, Tender purpose, Gift purposes.  Our Valuation Reports are Accepted with all national and Private banks as well as Government bodies all over India. We understand the Norms, regulations and compliance can be different each time with each bank and or transaction purpose. We work efficiently to provide you with adherent of all the regulation and compliance within specific time as we help our clients to store and reuse of same document in future without any additional charges. Our team is hand picked professionals, engineers and experts to provide tailored solution to individuals and companies in Patna.

Make a informed decisions to cut down on risks and enhance the returns. Being Government approved Property & Gold valuer in Patna, We provide valuations to support property transactions as well as , to meet regulatory & accounting requirements. Our Team of Professional makes sure there is not delays and errors which can lead to reworks and expense.

Our services

Approved Property Valuer

Government Approved Valuer in Patna for market value of Commercial or Residential Property, Land, Car, Jewelry etc

Chartered Engineer

Apart from Government approved property & gold valuer in Patna, we Provide Engineering Consulting services for small and Big Projects

Approved Gold Valuer

As Government Approved Gold Valuer in Patna, Our Reports are accepted across all national and private banks and govt office

“Make Informed Decision based on the real and approved value of your Property w.r.t Compliances and Regulations.”

Er Sanjiv Shanker

Government Approved Property & Gold Valuer

15+ years of experience

Government Approved Property Valuer in Patna Er. Sanjiv Shanker is one of the few whose Property and Gold value reports are accepted at income tax office, Patna

Our Property Valuer Service in Patna reports is approved by almost all national and private banks, government organisations and institution in India for our clients.

Our Experience and knowledge in Property Valuer Services in Patna and Gold Valuer Service in Patna is done by government standardized methodologies and instrument.

Get in touch with us for proper valuations of your Property or Gold with Government Approved Property & Gold Valuer in Patna

We are Well organised

It helps us deliver in time and as required as property Valuer Service in Patna is purpose specific.

We keep your data safe and ensure re-usability of Property Valuer Service in Patna reports for our clients which we have prepared in past keeping expenses low

We understand your requirement for what Property & Gold Valuation in Patna is being done and hence perform standard analysis approach as decided by government of India and Income Tax Department

Professional team of Experts

As Government Approved Property & Gold Valuer in Patna, We work as team and finish in time.

We are a team of skilled professionals focused to work under the leadership of government approved property valuer in Patna.

Our digital integration of offices have made us cutting edge in what we do. We use technology to help things done in better way making us Best Government approved Property & Gold Valuer in Patna

“Get Property & Gold Valued by “

Government Approved Property & Gold Valuer

Er. Sanjiv Shanker