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We are team of Government approved valuers, chartered engineers, Quantity surveyors and Project management consultants. We have developed our work strategy to be simple effective and in time for our customers.

We work as a team to make sure you meet all the deadlines and compliance and regulations while having to deal with real estate or property transaction for a number of financial or legal purposes. for our clients We Provide realistic and approve-able figures to meet any compliance and regulation financially and legally. Our Assessments provide understanding of real value of your belongings helping you make better decisions at right time. Connect to US Today!

Be it Factory, Builder Flat, Shop, Showrooms, School or Barren land, There are Government standardized procedures and professionals whose assessment will validate your property value in bank or government related transaction. We have developed a reputation as property valuer and chartered engineer in all most all the banks and government institution in India while working for our clients for really long time now.

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Er. Sanjiv Shanker

Get Property and Gold Valued by Government approved Valuer in Patna

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Er. Sanjiv Shanker

Get Gold valued by Government approved Gold Valuer in Patna

About Er. Sanjiv Shanker

Er Sanjiv Shanker is Government approved property and Gold Valuer in Patna offering property valuation services in Bihar and Jharkhand. Value Assessment by Er. Sanjiv Shanker is registered and accepted by almost all national and private banks, government organisations and institution across India. Sanjiv shanker as civil engineer has helped major firm to manage and supervise complex projects of construction and real estate transaction.

Er. Sanjiv Shanker

Civil engineer, Approved property Valuer, Approved Gold Valuer

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