For commercial Property

The valuation of Commercial property is mostly location dependent. Banks prefer giving loans within the permissible boundaries of their hubs and branches. Our clients are associated to government, corporate, non- government, business sector, or individuals.

Valuation of commercial property is entirely different from residential property valuation and it includes buildings, hotels, medical centers office, retail stores, industrial property, warehouses etc. We Provide detailed Assessment of commercial properties for all kind of legal or financial transaction. our assessment is recognized by all most all the national and private banks and also with government institutions

We will accelerate your loan process, if any?

Be it any legal or financial or a project under development we make sure your projects are done on time.

Commercial Property valuation is necessary to be done on houses, multi unit properties and vacant land. We do Residential Property Valuation for property whether it’s for residential or commercial for number of reasons:

  1. Sale and purchase
  2. Refinancing
  3. Legal purposes
  4. Loan purpose
  5. Stamp duty collection
  6. Portfolio management
  7. Family Law/Matrimonial
  8. Market Valuation

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