Jewelry or Gold Valuation

Jewellery valuation is a specialized service that not every valuation agent can provider. It requires knowledge and experience to offer a valuable opinion to clients regarding their jewellery collection. Professional jewellery Valuer demands proper scrutiny of jewellery pieces and gems, so that the government approved gold valuer like Er. sanjiv shanker  can assign them the appropriate value. Moreover, not every valuation organization offers valuation of all jewellery, as some specialize in appraising antique jewellery, others in diamond, gemstone, and gold jewellery. Since your hard-earned money is at stake, you must put in efforts to get to know value of a jewellery from government approved gold valuer like us. To make out whether a company is worth your trust or not, find out their recognition or whether they have any government certification. Also, consider the work experience of the people in the company who will be valuing your precious possessions.

Er. Sanjiv Shanker

Government Approved Gold Valuer

Government Approved Gold Valuer In Patna Offering variety of Valuation service in Bihar and Jharkhand. Our Reports are accepted with all banks and govt bodies

Government Approved Gold Valuer

Jewelry valuation is a knowledgeable Assessment based on number of years of knowledge and experience associated to formal training in all types of jewellery. Only registered and government approved jewellery valuers can do this valuation and they have to take a thorough knowledge about each and every item closely. To determine a value of a piece of jewellery is requires the best deal of experience and skills. Er. sanjiv shanker is government approved gold valuer in Patna offering services across Bihar and Jharkhand.


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