Government Approved Property Valuer

Our clients are related to corporate, government, non- government sector, business or individuals. We provide all professional valuation services. We are trusted valuer in Bihar and Jharkhand, registered with the government of India. 

Government approved Valuers like Er. sanjiv shanker is authorized to provide Machine and Plant valuation reports independently for all the clients and this can be done by only our professional team by researching a detailed and accurate prospects. We provide machine and plant value Assessment for large and small premises which are approved and acceptable across all government and Banking institutions . We undertake Machine and plant reviews for all the banks and government institution or if you have industrial, commercial or residential property we determine it on fair current value.

Contact us before investing in new factory or plant!

For Startup loans, Subsidies and other investment purposes, Er, shanjiv shanker government approved property valuer will provide detailed analysis and certified value report. one has to agree on the competitiveness and unpredictability of business and market. It is always a good approach to think for the cost effective methods to have have accurate, timely and cost-effective valuations of their machinery and equipment. Our experienced valuation expert delicately provide the best report on Machine Valuation. Contact us to avail our valuation service.

If you have a query or would like to have consultancy or valuation from our team, call us at 7320917706 , 0612-2216023 or drop a mail at